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This is the Hurd. Welcome.

Welcome to the Arch Hurd website. Arch Hurd is a derivative work of Arch Linux porting it to the GNU Hurd system with packages optimised for the i686 architecture.

Our goal is to provide an Arch-like user environment (BSD-style init scripts, i686-optimised packages, use of the pacman package manager, rolling-release, and a KISS set up) on the Hurd which is stable enough for use, if not as a primary OS, at least as something to consider as a dual-boot option.

Currently we provide a LiveCD for users to install or try Arch Hurd for themselves, and provide an installation guide covering its use, as well as an alternate installation guide for users for whom the LiveCD is not an option, for whatever reason.

We are attempting to bring the spirit of Arch Linux to the Hurd, and if you'd like to help us achieve that, we'd love to hear from you on the mailing lists or IRC.

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Arch Hurd: moving forward


So, what’s the point ?

Yes, it seems dead. Yes, there is no news. But we are working on (with a friend). I decided to post here where we are, what we are doing and what we should do (and there is a lot of things). If you want to help, even if you havn’t any knowledge in operating systems, feel free to contact us on irc channel.

What have we to do ?

We have three big things to do:

  • Compile a recent version of glibc for hurd and recompile all packages in [extra] with that.
  • Building a toolchain for cross-compiling Arch Hurd environment, and if possible, with the latest versions
  • Install a new (beautiful) wiki and fill it

What are we doing ?

For now, we are working on two things: having a qemu image for packaging environment, and building a toolchain for cross-compiling GNU/Hurd and Mach kernel. With the latest livecd, you should have a bootable image. I used it and I am trying to compile glibc 2.16. If you have any trouble during the installation, please contact me on irc (#archhurd or #archhurdfr on freenode). I am also working with a friend on a toolchain. I am trying to cross-compile the base tools with:

  • binutils 2.23.2
  • gcc 4.6.4
  • glibc tschwinge branche on official hurd git repository
  • GNU mach 1.4 master branch on hurd repo
  • GNU mig 1.4 same
  • GNU hurd 0.5 same
  • libptread same

I will push my updated script on my github repository.

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Why Arch Hurd project seems dead ?


Hi everyone.

As you can see, there is no activity on our website since 2011. But don’t worry, we’re not dead. Arch Hurd is a project which require a lot of time, and we’re not enough. For now, we have to rebuild the glibc at the latest version. After that, we have to rebuild everything to have a basic sytem. npnth works on glibc, unfortunately, we have no news for 3 months.. Maybe he’s in holidays. If you’re interested in our project, you can contact us on our irc channel. We also have NlightNFotis who ...

LiveCD release: i686-core-2011-08-17


Exactly 11 months after the previous one, the next version of the Arch Hurd livecd has been released! It will become available as the mirrors sync over the next few hours.

Notable changes since i686-core-2010-09-17:

  • Many updated packages
  • Dropped tcp_wrappers
  • Some bugfixes and tweaks to the installer (see the git log)
  • Updated livecd initscripts (see the git log)
  • Download link: i686-core-2010-09-17

md5sum : c157683b7088c74bb03c4f56de3f3272

sha1sum : 7541d962fe3a50a7ab938e895ab8b550b2a38580

Additionally, in unrelated news, there is now a new mirror in France,

Dropping tcp_wrappers


As Arch Linux has dropped tcp_wrappers, we are following suit. Only a few Arch Hurd packages use it, and those which do have new versions in [testing] without tcp_wrappers support. This transition will be completed over the next day or two.

Successful use of DDE!


We are happy to announce that DDE has been successfully packaged for Arch Hurd! This means that we now have the ability to compile drivers from Linux 2.6 for the Hurd.

If you want to run DDE now for your network card, the wiki should help - feel free to update it!

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ocaml 4.00.1-3 i686
tk 8.6.0-1 i686
tcl 8.6.0-1 i686
topgit 0.8.45.gd279e29-1 i686
lapack 3.2.1-1 i686
lxmenu-data 0.1.1-1 i686
geany 0.18.1-1 i686
libvpx 0.9.7.p1-1 i686
libgnome-keyring 2.30.1-1 i686
libxkbui 1.0.2-1 i686
sudo 1.8.2-1 i686
defora-surfer 0.2.0-1 i686
pycairo 1.8.8-1 i686
menu-cache 0.3.2-1 i686
libnotify 0.4.5-1 i686